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How can I participate in the Cruyff Legacy 14K?
Do I have to start with the eRoutes app, or can I do it without it?
I have created several 'run with me' actions under the same account, which action will be linked from the app?
My app has stopped during walking/running
My battery is dead, and I have not been able to complete the walk/run with the app....
The GPS drops out at some parts of the route, I have also tracked my kilometres with Runkeeper, Strava, Garmin, Polar. Can I add the kilometres manually?
Do I need to have internet access during the event to hear the radio?
Can I turn on the radio?
How do I find routes?
I want to walk/run together with my partner/friend/neighbour, but we both get a different route in the app? How is this possible?
The app only creates one route from my location, not three. How is this possible?
The app cannot find any routes from my location. How is this possible?
The route takes me along a path that does not exist, what should I do now?
Will I be running over asphalt or off-road only? Can I indicate a preference?
The app stopped along the way, what should I do now?
I can't hear the instructions, what should I do?
I hear the instructions only in English. How do I change this to Dutch?
My GPS connection is not working. What should I do now?