Below are all kinds of questions and answers covering your participation, fundraising, company team, etc.


When will the Cruyff Legacy 14K take place?
How can I take part?
Can I also take part from home this year?
Is there also a Kids Run?
Can I take part with a team?
How do I register?
Can I also register on the day itself?
How much does it cost to take part in the Cruyff Legacy 14K?
What happens to my ticket (and donations) if the event on 24 April 2022 is cancelled due to COVID-19?
How much does it cost for my company to take part?
Are there any minimum age restrictions?
Where are the start and finish lines?
Where does the Cruyff Legacy 14K pass by?
When will the different routes be posted online?
Can athletes with a disability also take part in the Cruyff Legacy 14K?
Can I cheer somebody on in the stadium as a parent/spectator?
How can I order a Cruyff Legacy 14K shirt?
Will the shirt be sent to me, or can I collect it?
What time do I have to be at the start?
What time does the event end?
Can I leave my clothes/bag somewhere safe before I start?
Is it mandatory to collect money?
How can I raise money?
How can you win prizes?
How can I donate via a participant?
What is a general donation?
My company would like to make a donation, what should I do?
Are there any tax benefits following a donation?
Can I also donate to the Foundation on a regular basis?
What are the proceeds of the Cruyff Legacy 14K used for?
What is the Johan Cruyff Foundation?
What does the Johan Cruyff Foundation do?
My donations are used for what kind of project?
Can I subscribe to the Cruyff Foundation / Cruyff Legacy 14K newsletter?
I’ve forgotten my password.
I have more questions, how can I contact you?
What size Cruyff Legacy 14K shirt is best for me?