Main sponsors

Ajax is once again the main sponsor of the 2022 edition of the Cruyff Legacy 14K Run!

Ajax is helping the Cruyff Foundation to organise this event and realise its mission: to get people moving. This is the mission Johan Cruyff was committed to for many years, now it’s a task for his legacy! Together, we’re putting the spotlight on the importance of exercise, because exercise is now more important than ever.

So join the Cruyff Legacy 14K, follow in Cruyff's footsteps, and walk or run to help others!

More information about Ajax can be found here: www.ajax.nl


The Johan Cruyff Foundation gives children the space to exercise and play, and OTTO is delighted to be part of it. CEO Frank van Gool: ‘’We’re proud that we’re able to contribute to the further development of the Cruyff Legacy14K in the coming years in our role as the main sponsor. Besides our financial support for the Cruyff Foundation, we’re also going to actively assist and take care of the Cruyff Foundation’s volunteer policy and the supervision of volunteers. We’re big supporters of the idea that children should be kept healthy all over the world, and helped to live together in an often complex society.’’

Under the leadership of Frank van Gool, OTTO Work Force has grown into the largest international employment agency in Europe since its foundation in 2000. OTTO believes in a European labour market without borders, so the company directs its efforts at internationalisation and innovation. By also focusing on RESPECT as the most important individual and corporate core value, the position of labour migrants is improved. Every day, 20,000 flex employees now work for the company throughout Europe.

More information about OTTO Work Force can be found at www.ottoworkforce.com



Our organisation thinks that it’s important to be a force for social good. One of the areas we focus on is health and vitality, which is why the partnership with the Johan Cruyff Foundation is so appropriate. The emphasis on health and vitality reflects TenneT's culture and identity, so it’s only logical that TenneT and its staff offer support and are involved in comparable activities outside the company. In this context, we think it’s important that children can develop and acquire the right skills, but also stay healthy through frequent exercise. Sport is fun and healthy, and indispensable for the healthy development of every child. No child should be left behind. Sports and games help children become fitter, learn to interact with each other, and develop. TenneT is glad to play its part in this.

TenneT is a leading European grid operator, active in the Netherlands and Germany. TenneT manages more than 22,500 kilometres of high-voltage lines and cables, which transport electricity to approximately 41 million consumers. TenneT works day in and day out on ensuring the electricity supply is reliable and continuous. The company strives to meet the needs of all stakeholders by being responsible, engaged, and connected.

More information about TenneT can be found at: www.tennet.eu




Pulitzer is Amsterdam, just like Johan Cruyff, so it’s only logical that Pulitzer is a proud and appropriate sponsor of the Cruyff Foundation and the 14K Run.

At the Pulitzer Amsterdam, you are welcomed with characteristic Amsterdam elegance, in an incredible maze of 25 Golden Age canal houses knocked together. After a complete renovation that was completed in 2016, this hidden domain now offers intimate rooms, serene courtyards, meeting and event spaces, a café, a classic hotel bar, and a restaurant that serves uncomplicated but beautifully prepared dishes. The Pulitzer is a unique blend of historic and modern craftsmanship, tucked away in Amsterdam’s iconic canal belt.

More information can be found at www.pulitzeramsterdam.com/nl/




The National Postcode Lottery is affiliated with the Johan Cruyff Foundation as a Partner. Read more about the partnership here.