Team Ascom Runners: We participate for charity, but also for connection with each other

29 January 2024 13:29

Team Ascom Runners is participating in the Cruyff Legacy 14K again this year. Last year with one team, this year with two. They raised as much as € 1,750 for the Johan Cruyff Foundation, and this year they even want to double the amount! Frank Peek, one of the team members answers some questions for us.

Which distance are you participating in?
14KM with 2 teams

Why are you participating in this run?
For a good cause but also for the connection with each other, the sporting event, training together towards a goal and getting (and staying) in motion.

How do you prepare for Sunday 7 April?
Mostly individually but we also try to train together a few times. We have a basic training schedule that builds up to 14KM, is drawn up by a professional trainer, and gives everyone a good grip.

What do you like about the event?
The entourage, the charity linked to it, because everyone should be able and allowed to exercise. We also like the location and the route through Amsterdam.

What's your connection with Johan Cruijff and/or the Johan Cruijff Foundation?
Who doesn't have something with Johan Cruijff? 😉 We participated for the first time last year with a team of 10 people and we liked it so much that this year we are going for 2 teams which is almost full.

How much money did you raise?
Last year €1,750.00 with one team so that should at least double this year.

How did you manage to raise money?
Gave attention to it through social media, many colleagues, customers, suppliers, family and others made nice contributions to the JC Foundation.

Do you have any tips for people to raise as much money as possible?
Especially give it a lot of attention via socials. And talk about it during moments with friends/family/colleagues.

Which one of you will set the fastest time 😉 :
Colleague Rennie Verloop was the fastest last year. What is also special is that he was also the oldest of the group then, I believe 64.

Good luck Team Ascom Runners!