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Follow in the footsteps of Cruyff & get moving for the future!

As always, the Cruyff Legacy 14K is driven by Johan Cruyff’s legacy and we will provide a great event. This run is also about raising money for a charity - the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The Cruyff Foundation creates space for children all over the world to engage in sport and play. Especially in these turbulent times, this is more important than ever! So, get moving and do your bit to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to exercise.

On this page OTTO Work Force Employees can sign up for the Cruyff Legacy 14K. Click on the button "Join this team" and sign up! Use the code you have been given to sign up for free.

Note: Do you want to take advantage of the discount on the Cruyff Legacy 14K shirt? Please do not order the shirt with your registration, but follow the instructions given with the discount code. 


Op deze pagina kunnen deelnemers van Team OTTO Work Force zich inschrijven voor de Cruyff Legacy 14K. Klik op de knop ''Ik wil in dit team'' en meld je aan! Gebruik de code die je hebt ontvangen, om gratis in te schrijven. 

Let op: Wil je gebruik maken van de korting op het Cruyff Legacy 14K shirt? Bestel dan niet het shirt bij je inschrijving, maar volg de instucties die je bij de kortingscode hebt gekregen. 

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