Cruyff Legacy 14K

Virtual Cruyff Legacy 14K
When we had to cancel the Cruyff Legacy 14K in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we envisaged organising the best edition ever, together with you, in 2021. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over yet and we feel that organising an event with thousands of runners would be irresponsible.

It goes without saying that after cancelling the Cruyff Legacy 14K, we immediately started working on an alternative. Because just like Johan, we like to focus on what is possible. To keep you healthy and moving in these difficult times, we will organise the Cruyff Legacy 14K virtually. With an app, participants can run or walk the Kids Run (1.4K), 5K, 14K, 21K or 42K in their own neighbourhood. 

The virtual event will take place on Sunday 25 April. On this day, we will provide an extra running experience with our 14K Radio. From 19 April to 19 May 2021, the Cruyff Legacy 14K will be available in the eRoutes app.

The app
For the Cruyff Legacy 14K, we use the eRoutes app. This app can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore and the AppStore.

After registration, you can activate the app with your data. The event will be open in the app from 19 April, but you can access the app for various training schedules and running routes before that date.

In the app you will find features such as:

  • A range of running routes and training schedules
  • A video at the start and finish
  • Stamp posts with audio clips
  • A special radio broadcast on 25 April

For a good cause
Follow in the footsteps of Cruyff & get moving for the future!
As always, the Cruyff Legacy 14K is driven by Johan Cruyff’s legacy and we will provide a great event. This run is also about raising money for a charity - the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The Cruyff Foundation creates space for children all over the world to engage in sport and play. Especially in these turbulent times, this is more important than ever! So, get moving and do your bit to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to exercise.

After registration, an action page is immediately created for you. This action page makes it easy for you to collect donations. All donations will go to the Cruyff Foundation, so put your best foot forward and watch the donation counter on your action page soar. You can win great prizes and have the chance of winning a special surprise!

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at or view the frequently asked questions.

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