BT Cycle Challenge for Molenbeek

BT Cycle Challenge 2017
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Since 2011, BT supports the Johan Cruyff Foundation and together we realized great things to get children active.
One of the highlights was the opening of the Cruyff Court in Mechelen, in 2014. The Heroes of the Cruyff Court program is very successful in Mechelen; it stimulates the youngsters to discover their boundaries and talents. Throughout the program they can explore their competencies and they have their own responsibilities. It really gives them an advantage for the upcoming years of their live!

We therefore support the ambition of Molenbeek to open a Cruyff Court in Molenbeek, planned for 22 March 2018. BT sponsored this initiative with a donation in December 2016 and now is the time to go the final mile and make this happen.

We therefore participate in the BT CYCLE CHALLENGE for Molenbeek, which will take place on Wednesday 21June.