Prizes campaigners

Start as a Cruyff Legacy 14K campaigner and get the chance to win great prizes! What do you have to do for this? Start your campaign and have as many people as possible support you by donating. #CreatingSpace 

After the event, we will announce the winners. 


25x chance of a Cruyff Legacy 14K Shirt 


Did your donation counter reach €55,-? Maybe you win the Cruyff Legacy 14K shirt.  

We have 25 Cruyff Legacy 14K shirts to hand out. 

Sponsored by: Cruyff Classics     



25x chance of a Cruyff Legacy 14K running package 



Has your campaign already reached €90,-? Maybe you win this exclusive Cruyff Legacy 14K running package, which consists of: 

  • a Cruyff Legacy 14K reflection tape 
  • Cruyff Legacy 14K shoe laces 
  • Cruyff Classics socks 

We have 2Cruyff Legacy 14K running packages to hand out.                 

Sponsored by: Present Company and Cruyff Classics        



5x chance of GASSAN watch 


The campaigners who collected €170,- can win a unique GASSAN watch. 

We have 5 watches to hand out. 


Sponsored by: GASSAN