Prizes campaigners Kids Run

High five for joining the Kids Run and campaigning for a good cause! Together we can create space for even more children to engage in sport and play. To show you how grateful we are that you join and support us, we are handing out great prizes. Take a quick look below to check out our prizes. 

After the event, we will announce the winners. 


One-year-membership Cruyffie’s Kids Club for free 




If you collect €25,- with your campaign on your own action page, you become a Cruyffie’s Kids Club member for one year, for free! Click hereif you already want to know more about Cruyffie's Kids Club.  


Sponsored by: Johan Cruyff Foundation    



25x chance of a Cruyff Legacy 14K running package 



Has your campaign already reached €50,-? Maybe you win this exclusive Cruyff Legacy 14K running package, which consists of: 

  • a Cruyff Legacy 14K reflection tape 
  • Cruyff Legacy 14K shoe laces 
  • Cruyff Classics socks 

We have 25 Cruyff Legacy 14K running packages to hand out.                

Sponsored by: Present Company and Cruyff Classics        



10x chance of a signed Cruyff Foundation football 




Did you raise €100,-Very well done! Maybe you win a Cruyff Foundation football, signed by Anouk Hoogendijk and Frank RijkaardTen of these prizes will be raffled among all children who raise at least €100,-. 

We have 10 signed Cruyff Foundation footballs to hand out. 


Sponsored by: Aktiesport