Terms and conditions

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Article 1: Definitions 

  1. For the purpose of these general terms and conditions the following is understood as:
  • Event: the Cruyff Legacy 14K
  • Participant: the natural person who registered, in a manner permitted by the organiser, for participation in the Event.
  • Agreement: the agreement regarding participation of the Participant in the Event.
  • Organiser: Sportyv, under the auspices of the Johan Cruyff Foundation

These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to each and every Agreement.

 Article 2: Participation

  1. The Cruyff Legacy 14K is open to participants aged 16 and over. The 5K is open to participants aged 12 and over. The Kids Run is open to participants aged 4 to 12. Accompaniment by a (grand)parent is permitted during the Kids Run.
  2. The Participant can only participate in the Event, if they completed a thereto-designated registration form in full and truthfully, if the registration fee was paid in full, and if the Participant agreed with the general terms and conditions.
  3. Registration for one of the races during the Cruyff Legacy 14K is personal. If the Participant can unexpectedly not participate then only the name pertaining to the start number can be changed. To this end, an email can be sent to acties14k@cruyff-foundation.org, provided that this is done before 7 April 2022.
  4. If the Participant wants to change race then they can communicate this to the Organiser at the latest on 7 April 2022.
  5. The Participant is not allowed to participate in the running event with a pushchair, baby-jogger or other means to transport a baby, unless the Organiser gave written consent for this. It is neither allowed to bring along dogs (whether or not on a lead). The Participant is neither allowed to be accompanied by one or more persons on a bicycle or other means of transport, unless the Organiser gave written consent for this.
  6. Participants who registered and subsequently waive participation are not entitled to a refund of the participation fee, the ordered running shirt, and donations already received on the personal page. The money inures, in full, to the Johan Cruyff Foundation.
  7. If the Event cannot take place due to exceptional circumstances then no refund of the registration fee takes place. “Registration fee” is also understood to include a potential donation to the charity linked to the Event by the Organiser and potentially ordered extras, with the exception of the potentially ordered t-shirt. These shall not be refunded, but can be obtained by the Participant. Other expenses, costs and so on are by no means refunded or reimbursed.
  8. The Organisation reserves the right to change the routes in some respects or to cancel all races during the Cruyff Legacy 14K on account of extreme weather conditions or other contingencies, in the course of which the running event can reasonably, either in whole or in part, not take place. As the occasion arises, there shall not be a refund of the registration fee.
  9. The Organiser shall not be liable for expenses incurred by the Participant if the Event needs to be cancelled due to force majeure.
  10. The Organiser is entitled to remove a Participant from the running event. The medical staff is entitled to deny a Participant (further) participation in the running event. The Participant can by no means claim a refund of the registration fee of donation funds.
  11. The Participant follows the instructions of police, organisation, and employees immediately and strictly. The Participant must also follow the indicated running route. Not following the instructions may result in removal from the running event.
  12. The Dutch Road Traffic Act and the Dutch Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations remain in full force and effect during the run, unless expressly indicated otherwise in the situations where the organisation was granted an exemption.
  13. It is expected of the Participant that they do not inflict damage on nature or on the properties of someone else, and that they do not leave rubbish behind.
  14. The Cruyff Legacy 14K Walk and the Kids Run are not subject to time recording. The results of the 14K Run and 5K Run are determined by the net end times.

 Article 3: COVID-19

The Organisation wants the Cruyff Legacy 14K 2022 to take place, however only in a responsible and safe manner. Also depending on the Covid-19 developments, the number of routes, the distances, the maximum number of participants (whether or not per distance) can be adjusted and additional rules may apply for the participants. If this is not sufficient to be able to comply with all the rules and/or to guarantee the safety of the participants then the Organisation may yet decide to move the Cruyff Legacy 2022. As the occasion arises, the ticket purchased by the Participant and the donations received on the personal page shall be moved to the new date.

If the Participant does not want to participate in a next edition then there shall not be a refund of the registration fee and all donations received. With the exception of a potentially ordered t-shirt.

 Article 4: Liability

  1. The Participant participate at their own risk. The Organiser does not accept any liability for the loss of or damage to personal belongings or for any incurred bodily harm, barring as a result of gross negligence of the organisation.
  2. If, despite the provisions set forth in the first paragraph of this article, liability of the Organiser for damages of the Participant must be assumed then the obligation of the Organiser to pay compensation for the said damages shall be limited to at most the amount that the insurer of the Organiser pays in connection with the said damages.
  3. The Participant declares to be familiar with the fact that participation requires good health, and declares that they comply with the said requirement, and that they shall have prepared for the Event through training or otherwise.
  4. The Participant indemnifies the Organiser against liability for damages that third parties may incur as a result of an act or omission with regard to the Event attributable to a Participant. The Participant must have sufficient insurance against the risk of liability of the said damages.
  5. Sponsors of the Event and the municipality (municipalities) where the Event takes place are, in the same manner as the Organiser, excluded from liability.
  6. The Participant indemnifies the Organiser against liability for damages that the Participant may incur as a result of their participation in the Event, unless the said damages are the direct result of intent or gross negligence attributable to the Organiser.

 Article 5: Portrait right

The Participant agrees with potential use of their image in print, on photo, film, video, TV, and the like for promotional purposes of the Johan Cruyff Foundation and the event organisation for the benefit of events organised by the same, without claiming compensation for the same. In all instance not foreseen by the regulations, the Johan Cruyff Foundation shall decide.

 Article 6: Personal data

The Organiser includes the personal data supplied by the Participant in a file. Through the conclusion of the Agreement the Participant gives the Organiser consent to use the personal data for the sending of information to the Participant and to supply the personal data to the Organiser and its partners for the benefit of the sending of information to the Participant. The Participant is always allowed to indicate free of charge in writing or by email to object to the sending of information by the Organiser or to the supply of personal data, after which the Organiser shall cease the said sending respectively the said supply. Through the conclusion of the Agreement the Participant gives the Organiser consent to disclose their name and event results in a potential results list (5K and 14K). Read our Privacy Statement for more information.

 Article 7: Dispute settlement rules

  1. Dutch law is exclusively applicable to the Agreement and to any and all legal relationships that may arise between the Organiser, on the one hand, and the Participant, on the other hand.
  2. In case of disputes, deriving from the Agreement or from legal relationships deriving from the same, the parties shall first enter into discussions in order to solve the relevant dispute amicably. If the parties are not successful then a dispute as intended above shall exclusively be settled by the competent court in the place of establishment of the Organiser.

 Article 8: Miscellaneous

  1. Agreement with these General Terms and Conditions also implies agreement with the other Campaign Terms and Conditions.
  2. If one or more articles of these terms and conditions would be invalid or unlawful, for any reason whatsoever, then this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions set forth in the general terms and conditions.