Cruyff Foundation 14K Run - For the future!

Vasil Kajcovski

( Registration fee Cruyff Legacy 14K | 14 km Run )

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On Sunday, April 25th, I will run the Cruyff Legacy 14K and raise money for the Cruyff Foundation.

With this run, we are all creating awareness and raising funds to create space for vulnerable children to play sports and be active.

Sponsor my run and donate to the foundation for a good cause!

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24-04-2021 | 17:58 Go Vasil - 加油!
24-04-2021 | 17:02 Vasil, on behalf of TIBCO to support this great cause!!
24-04-2021 | 06:25
24-04-2021 | 05:31 Good cause and because Vasil is good guy.
24-04-2021 | 01:48 Because this is a great cause and Vasil is a great guy!